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In the past few years LLAC Lofts have grown and have become one of the largest loft conversion companies in London. With so many Loft Conversion Companies around, why do people choose LLAC lofts?


  • LLAC professionalism, skills and experience concentrates high standards. We only use premium quality materials for all loft conversions.
  • Our aim is always provide excellent customer service. We understand how important your home is to you and we always ready to listen carefully to what you have got planned and discuss with you ways through which it could be achieved.
  • Minimum disruption when converting the loft. It’s not always easy to open your home doors to the builders; however we aim to carry out every project with minimum disruption to your daily life in shortest time.



Loft conversions in London are required to be planned and performed both carefully and to high standards. Many loft conversion companies claim to be able to carried out loft conversions, however many of these people tend to be tradesman who don’t have experience of converting lofts, this lack of understanding and experience become apparent when problems arise which they simply can’t overcome.

LLAC lofts Service is fully personalized from planning to the completing loft conversions with a straightforward procedure for the customer with regular updates and feedback right from the free initial feasibility survey, through to the entire construction of new loft space or extension.

LLAC Lofts Mission is to deliver premium quality loft conversions maximising the full potential of the property at a competitive price.

Unfortunately we are able to only perform loft conversions in some part of London, please do check out here if we operating in your area.

Loft Conversions in London

One of the traditional approaches to get extra space in your home was to build an extension. This is often no longer the case. Loft conversions have taken over the building of extensions and people have resorted to building their extensions at the top of the building instead of the side or behind of it. Have you ever wonder why so many people are settling for loft conversions, especially in London area?

Key reason why Loft conversions in London are one of the greatest ways for property owners to enlarge the living space is the fact that when you perform a loft conversion you save the garden space which could have been used to add extension to your main property. Not only this, you also spend less while obtaining more space since the footprint you are working with is already existing one. >>

Property developers use to ignore concerns related to the loft space and rather put all their attention on supplying property owners with cheap roof covering. Over the times, a lot of people are starting to get familiar with loft conversions London residents mainly because of the high price of land portions and also the increase in the rate at which people are looking for land spaces.

Many times, loft space is only used as a storage room or chimney stack. However you have something better such as:


  • An extra bedroom for your growing family or stylish space for guests.
  • An office – further from problems of the family household, which allows you to concentrate on your projects, but just a step away in the end of the day;
  • Playroom for the children’s, a home cinema for all family, a creative studio or entertainment area.








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